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All time is local time in Hessdalen, if no other info is given

Date: 22.08.2017 Time: 01:30 am Place: Vårhus, Hessdalen
Observer: Bjarne Lillevold
Bjarne saw a bright green light in the northern part of Vårhus. It was intense and The ground was illuminated with this green light. It lasted about 3 minutes before it turned off. It was a little bit scary due to the intensity of a green light illuminating the ground. - The alarm picture/video in the Blue Box was not in operation that night.

Ref. Bjørn Vårhus Lillevold

Date: 11.08.2017 Time: 11:20 pm Place: Slettælet, Hessdalen
Observers: Helge Otterå, Solbjørg Ludvigsen, Elisabet Ryste og Trine Lise Uldalen
Some people were at Slettælet to look for the phenomena. Suddenly a flash was seen towards mount Skarvan, below the horizon. It moved with a high speed downward to the left, towards the river. It was gone after less than a second. Four persons were looking in that direction when it happened.

Ref. Erling Strand

Date: 03.08.2017 Time: 07:05 pm Place: At lake Langen, Hessdalen
Observers: Patrick, Daniel and Bjørn Lillevold
Bjørn Vårhus Lillevold and his two son's were fishing in lake Langen, when Patrick saw a light phenomenon. He alarmed the two others, so they saw it too. Total observation time approx 3 minutes. It just disappeared in the air. No sound. It was shaped as an egg. The picture was taken by mobile, in direction south-east.


Forstørret utsnitt

Ref. Bjørn Vårhus Lillevold

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